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Glee’s Jane Lynch Doubts Lead Roles for Gay Actors

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Glee star Jane Lynch said that she was unsure when, if ever, gay actors would land romantic leading roles because of the profit imperative in the film industry.

Lynch expressed her doubts in an interview with that was picked up by outlets including The Hollywood Reporter.

“I don’t know when or if that will ever happen,” said the lesbian actress, according to THR. “…This is a business of projection and desiring people from afar … so there has got to be some truth to it, in terms of, ‘I could see myself with that person.’ Because the leading man and lady are the person we want them to fall in love with, and most of the audience is straight. So for right now, we can only use straight actors.”

Jane Lynch Doubts Lead Roles for Gay Actors | News | The Advocate.

This is kind of weird. I mean, all Jane Lynch has to do is look across the set at two of her openly gay co-stars who are regularly stalked (and one was once held hostage in an elevator by young women) to see that people will still become infatuated with an actor who is not perceived as available to them.

Maybe that’s all new. Bring on the future, and let’s stop letting the stupid past ruin everything.

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March 28th, 2011 at 12:35 pm

Writer Tanner Stransky: 'Ugly Betty' helped me to come out

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But the show’s huge imprint on my personal life — and again, I’m sure the personal lives of lots of other people like me — is almost more indelible than all that. Some may think I’m getting too personal here (though I don’t really care because I don’t have secrets), but during the time the show was on, I came out as a gay man.

I felt alive after watching hours of a television show where being yourself was not only what people did, but celebrated heartily. Marc, and eventually Justin and a slew of the other characters, did not apologize for who they were. They were proud. So why shouldn’t I be? (And, truly, how can one blog about, write a book about, and obsess about such a gay show and, you know, not actually be gay?)

via ‘Ugly Betty’: Why it mattered |

Ok it’s possible now I’ve written too much on this blog about Ugly Betty, but it ends tonight, so let me have my last moments of Ugly Bettiness in peace.

If I didn’t already love Ugly Betty for all that it is, knowing that it was such a positive force in the life of even one person — and I’m certain there are more who have been similarly affected — would make me love it, and squeeze it, and make it mine anyway.

Why does it have to end? *Sniff*

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April 14th, 2010 at 5:58 pm

Ugly Betty's Justin Suarez comes out

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Justin & Austin We already saw him kiss a boy, but this week we were treated to his disclosure — first to grown-up gay friend Marc St. James and then to the rest of his family.

Sadly the show is at the end of its days. A more-than-disappointing 3rd season spelled poor ratings and Ugly Betty has been cancelled. The worst part of all of this is that, post-cancellation, Ugly Betty’s writers and actors started churning out the awesome.

Season 4 has been stellar and those of us who stuck with the show inexplicably throughout season 3 are now devastated to see the end of the stories and characters who have come so far in the last year.

I can’t stop raving about the coming out plot. From the day Justin declared that he wasn’t gay, I was enthralled. No good coming out story can go smoothly, and while Justin isn’t dealing with a judgemental family, he still has the same worries we all had.

For a young actor, Mark Indelicato has done an incredible job portraying Justin’s story, and his Justin Suarez and Michael Urie‘s Marc St. James have become two of the most popular characters as their friendship has developed.

If you haven’t been watching, do yourself a favour and get the season 4 DVD box set when it comes out.

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April 10th, 2010 at 9:21 pm

Count Laszlo de Almásy, The English Patient hero, was gay (and in love with Nazi)

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Letters have surfaced in Germany proving that the World War Two spy who inspired the hero the the Oscar-winning film The English Patient was no womaniser but a gay man in love with a young soldier called Hans Entholt.

The corresopondence also indicate the Hungarian-born adventurer Count Laszlo de Almásy did not die of a morphine overdose after suffering terrible burns and dreaming of the woman he loved, the fate the befell the fictional hero played by Ralph Fiennes in the film.

Instead Almásy succumbed to amoebic dysentry in 1951 never having once slept with a woman.

The Heinrich Barth Institute for African Studies in Cologne has discovered the intimate correspondence penned by him.

It refuses to publish the letters but a member of the institute’s staff told Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine: ‘Egyptian princes were among Almasy’s lovers.’

via The real English Patient hero was not womaniser… he was GAY, letters show | Mail Online.

I look forward to the remake.

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April 5th, 2010 at 10:31 pm

Ugly Betty's Justin kissed a girl…

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… but didn’t like it.

“It was better in my head,” Justin says, before being kissed (to greater effect) by his friend Austin.

Sometimes I feel like I’m a gay man trapped in a lesbian’s body.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lesbian there too; I have plenty of room. But this is one of my gay man moments, and I’m falling in love with Michael Urie (not to mention all the writers at Ugly Betty).

It seems like only yesterday that Justin denied he was gay. Now of course, you can’t be gay without having denied it at least once. Even so, the scene was painful, it a really great way.

Poor Sceptical Uncle Marc. He’s been so good through all of this, and Justin’s best sounding board. I know I had a Wise Fairy Gaymother when I was coming out. I’m glad Justin has his very own Wise Fairy Gayfather.

In last night’s Ugly Betty episode, “All the World’s a Stage”, Justin benefited from a Wise Uncle Marc talk on kissing, when Justin announces he “has to” kiss his fabled girl crush.

And both of these actors knocked their parts out of the park. As for the rest of the episode, it might as well have not even happened.

Justin's boy kiss


Head on over to After Elton, where Michael Jenson posted a recap yesterday.

All in all, I thought the episode handled the topic terrifically well and I appreciate that while the story isn’t about unaccepting parents or homophobic classmates, it still addresses the fact that even in 2010, accepting one’s sexual orientation isn’t just a walk in the park. Adolescence and young love is scary for anyone, but it’s still often doubly so for gay and bisexual men.
from AfterElton

I am going to miss this show in a really shocking way when it ends. And I am kind of living for the scene where Marc finds out.

Oh and when Ugly Betty ends, I can haz spinoff?

If you’re going to miss Ugly Betty like I am, join the facebook group and sign the petition to Save Ugly Betty!

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March 18th, 2010 at 1:12 pm

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