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New Zealand Olympian Blake Skjellerup comes out

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Blake Skjellerup

Blake Skjellerup

Gays are too often given a stereotype. Back when I was 18, and becoming serious about my sport and my Olympic goals, if I could have seen an athlete like myself out there – with whom I could relate to – my journey would have been a lot easier.

“[American figure skater] Johnny Weir meets a specific stereotype, I meet a specific stereotype and [Welsh rugby player] Gareth Thomas meets another. Being gay is just like any other personality trait: it’s multifaceted. I can’t personally relate to Weir or Thomas, and nor will many other young gay athletes out there. But maybe some of them will see something in me to relate to. The more types we provide, the more we’ll appeal to people [who are struggling with their sexuality].

-Blake Skjellerup

via New Zealand Olympian comes out – Outsports.

This is really another one of those not really coming out stories. Blake Skjellerup is out.  He said that if any interviewer would have asked him, he would have replied honestly. He also tweets YouTube videos about turning Zac Efron gay.

Speaking of tweeting, this Kiwi Olympian has a sense of humour too.

Blake's status

His coming out interview is featured in Australia’s DNA magazine Sports special edition, available now.

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