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Crystal Chappell comes out as bisexual

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Crystal ChappellMK: You play a lesbian character on Venice. What is that like for you as a straight woman and how did you prepare for your part?

CC: I did not have to do much to prepare. I am equally attracted to men and women and I like both genders, so it is not an issue for me. You are attracted to who you are attracted to and fall in love with who you fall in love with. This is who my character is – a gay woman. It wasn’t difficult to understand or portray her.

via Out Front Colorado – Colorado’s Largest GLBT Publication.

I don’t know about you, but I first watched Crystal Chappell on television when I heard about the popular Otalia storyline in the American soap opera, Guiding Light.

Now, she can be seen playing the role of lesbian designer, Gina, in webseries Venice, which she also co-produces.

She is married to actor Michael Sabato and has two children.

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Written by CanuckJacq

April 26th, 2010 at 5:23 pm

5 Responses to 'Crystal Chappell comes out as bisexual'

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  1. I loved the Otalia storyline on “Guiding Light” and I found myself cheering them on!Though oddly I am not surprised about her being Bisexual.I can not imagine it would be that hard for a straight person to play a gay character,heck gay people play straight all the time.

    P.S. You’re on my Hot Blogs list.


    27 Apr 10 at 01:28

  2. Thanks!

    To be honest, I’m not into soap operas at all. I had one friend who sent me a spreadsheet of all the clips available on You Tube, in order, and I watched a few but it was still to soapy for me.

    And I’m with you — it wasn’t a surprise to me either. No idea why, but ‘s possible it’s because she’s always been so gay-positive in her dealings with her lesbian fans. She’s never tried to distance herself from the massive lesbian following she got with the Otalia storyline.


    27 Apr 10 at 06:39

  3. She’s a fantastic public icon on so many levels. I look forward to the day we can move beyond a label. (check out Dodson and Ross on Youtube) My label is more for ease of conversation for strangers. I identify as bisexual for simplicity. I’ve been sexual attracted to male and female friends and I don’t act on it. We all have sexual attractions. For some more than they are willing to admit. Should we label each other as promiscuous? It’s a label that will never encapsulate the wonderful complex person that makes you, you.

    When asked which do I prefer? My honest answer, “Someone with a good heart.” Straight or gay love is not just on a physical level, it’s emotional and spiritual.

    That’s why CC is such a phenomenal actresses no matter if it’s gay or straight role. She brings in those other important things that make love work. When you get that universally we all want that kind of connection than I believe the labels will one day fall away. :-)

    Abby Bologa

    26 Jul 11 at 16:26

  4. it’s really wierd because her life in Venice is exactly like mine in real life.I am 14 and live in Tennessee but when I am older I will move to live in Venice California.She is my role model because she will say she is bi and she’s not affraid of what people say.I love that about her and wish to be more like her in that way.


    18 Mar 12 at 03:34

  5. I have been blown away by CC. She is such a fantastic role model, so honest and open and keen to further the gay cause in her story lines all whilst being happily married with a family. This is rare. Living in UK I have only recently discovered Otalia and Venice and am loving all of it. Thank you CC and keep doing what you are doing we love it.


    28 May 12 at 21:05

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